Ranger, 12-year-old Quarterhorse

Ranger is a beautiful quarterhorse that unfortunately ended up in an auction kill pen. He was in a lot of pain and was treated with chiropractic and accupuncture. He has a lot of personality and needs a lot of attention. Ranger loves people and enjoys doing ground work.  Ranger would make a great horse for someone who focuses on liberty discipline.


Sully, 16-year-old Standardbred


Sully began his life as a racehorse. He was a trotter, though not fast enough to make it in the racing world. Sully went to the Amish and worked for many years. When he was no longer able to work, he was sent to a kill pen. Being that Sully had the racing id tattoo, he was identified and was rescued by the Standardbred Retirement Foundation. Unfortunately Sully had a severe eye infection which led to the removal of his right eye. Robbie Siegelman, of Siegelman Stables, put us in contact with SRF and Sully is now at Warrior Ranch where Robbie uses Sully in his driving program. The driving program is sponsored by the Meadowlands Raceway and helping many veterans! Most recently, Sully has begun our natural horsemanship program and works in some of our retreats. Sully is now under saddle. He still has a way to go, but he is eager to learn and we are very proud of him  :)


Schmay & Butterscotch



Schmay and Butterscotch came to us as their owner had medical issues and could not longer care for them. These adorable minis entertain us with their antics. They both have been trained to drive carts solo and as a pair. Schmay and Butterscotch are learning our natural horsemanship program and participating in our retreats. They definitely put a smile on many veteran and first responder faces :)


Warrior,  34-year-old Apaloosa-Percheron mix

Warrior stands at 16.1 hands and was thankfully rescued from a neglectful situation in 1995.  In May of 2003, Warrior found his true forever home with the Ford family.  Warrior has Natural Horsemanship under his girth and will be used during the Warrior Ranch Foundation program.   Veterans and First Responders will come to the barn, enjoy his antics while running in the pasture.  And lots of grooming will be done with him as the Warrior loves to roll in the mud. Warrior is a resident horse of the Warrior Ranch and is financially supported by his owners.   

October 12, 2021 - Rest in Peace Warrior


Midnight,  24-year old Shetland Pony 

Midnight is an 8-hand rescued Shetland Pony.  Midnight is a great companion horse and though tiny, holds his own in the herd. Veterans and First Responders will get a kick out of this little spitfire. Midnight is a resident horse of the Warrior Ranch and is financially supported by his owners.       October 11, 2020 - Rest in Peace Midnight



Red, 4-year-old Thoroughbred Retired Racehorse - Adopted

After a few wins, Red had to retire from racing due to a bow tendon.  A bow tendon means a racing career is over, however, beginning another career such as a trail horse is definitely an option.  Red successfully went through the Warrior Ranch Foundation program with Equine Specialist Tony Simonetti.  With the assistance from our veteran, SSG James Allen Pennington, Red was retrained and repurposed and now living a happy life in Ohio :)