Foundation WArriors


Warriors are men and woman who are fearless, strong, and skilled fighters.  Although usually applied to someone engaged in war, a warrior is also someone who fights the good fight. Warriors show, or have shown, great courage and vigor, on and off the battlefield, in politics, on the job, in sports, or as a "weekend warrior" trying to accomplish multiple tasks at home. Our Service men and women are truly Warriors.  They represent strength and freedom.

These same characteristics embody those who financially support the Warrior Ranch Foundation and our mission of rescuing horses while helping veterans reintegrate to civilian life.  Give hope to, inspire, and empower the spirit of military families and the equine community by donating to the Warrior Ranch Foundation.

The Warrior Ranch Foundation is proud to call our faithful supporters the "Foundation Warriors." The collective financial commitments of individuals, businesses, and foundations enable the Warrior Ranch Foundation to provide the services our heroes and horses so deserve.

"America's Heroes Rescuing America's Icon" is the motto of the Warrior Ranch Foundation and its Warrior sponsors.

Foundation Warriors may designate their support to the Foundation in a variety of ways including general unrestricted support of the greatest needs of the Foundation, support of specific events, supporting the capital funding of facilities, funding retreats, and more.

There are four levels of Foundation Warrior sponsorship




($100,000 and over)

Levels are based on financial and in-kind donations made.

Warrior Ranch Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and you may be entitled to a charitable deduction for your gift.

Interested in becoming a Foundation Warrior sponsor? Contact us for details

A copy of the most recent annual report is available from the Office of the Attorney General at: New York State Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway-3rd Floor, New York, New York 10271, (212) 416-8401.